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Scott Reynaud attracts a regular local clientele as well as celebrities who visit New Orleans for television, music and photo shoots. For nearly two decades, the hallmark of Reynaud’s hair design has been his color fluency. He mastered balayage and coloring under the tutelage of world-renowned French stylist Jacques Dessange.

Reynaud also brings a dedication to technique that has made his exclusive loft in the New Orleans warehouse district a much sought after salon. He has placed priority on cutting-edge styling and color formulation together with outstanding customer service. From the moment a client walks into Jupiter Salon, the uniqueness of the experience is palpable. There are no distractions, only the master stylist and the client with the utmost importance placed on the client feeling and looking their best.

From day one, Reynaud has emphasized education and international influences to keep his designs fresh and singular. His major inspiration was Dessange, but he has also trained at the Vidal Sassoon Advanced Academy in London as well as received hands on training from other master stylists including Yosh Toya, Annie Humphreys, Nancy Braun and Yves Durif.

Have a great hair day!
Scott Reynaud